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Chris grew up in Ohio and was interested and involved in volunteerism, public service and politics early on. His first project was in 6th grade (which he received an “A” on and still has on his book shelf) to contrast and compare the 1978 Ohio Gubernatorial candidates Jim Rhodes and Dick Celeste.  

The first campaign he became active in was President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984. Campaigning for the President and being called out, with his friends, by The Gipper for their sign “Young Americans for a Strong National Defense!” during one of his whistle stop tours is one of his fondest memories.  Immediately after High School, Chris enlisted in the United States Army and served as an Airborne Infantryman in the 9th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division.
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He then went on to join the Special Forces where he earned the coveted “Green Beret” and served in the 3rd and 19th Special Forces Groups. Chris returned from Operation Desert Shield to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. With a potential re-deployment back to the Operation (later became Operation Desert Storm) imminent, Chris proposed to and married Kathy on December 28, 1990. Chris served as a Special Operations Weapons Sergeant, was trained to speak Spanish and French, was the member of an A-Team that was oriented to the Caribbean Region and participated in Counter Narcotics missions and the Humanitarian Assistance mission to assist with the mass migration of Haitians to the US in 1992. After the Army Chris served in the Ohio Army National Guard and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Minor in Health Science and a Masters of Humanities at Wright State University. Chris and Kathy were involved in local politics through the University. During these years Kathy gave birth to their two sons Connor and Cameron.  Due to specific experiences he had in the Army, Chris become interested in solving the growing problem of the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
Picture 3 As a result of his military service, education and expertise in the Counter WMD field, He was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to support the FBI Laboratory Division in 1998. Woodbridge, VA was recommended as a place to put down roots as Chris began his second career and with two VRE stations there and an excellent public school system, it was an easy choice that Woodbridge would become their new home.

In 2000, Chris was recruited to assist the Department of Defense’s Nunn-Lugar Program, known also as the “Cooperative Threat Reduction Program” as a Government Contractor, with helping to render secure and safe and eliminate Former Soviet Union Biological Warfare Facilities.

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He also managed collaborative biological (public health) projects between western scientists and Former Soviet researchers. The early goal was to assist the former Soviet Scientists in creating businesses so they could make a living with their expertise now that they were losing government funding for their weapons programs.

Improving infrastructure, training the workforce, conducting market studies (where none had been done before) and reviewing business plans was the bulk of the work.  Chris oversaw a team of experts that worked throughout the region. He, specifically, was responsible for the Security and Safety of Russia’s former Anthrax and Smallpox research facilities and led the expansion of the program into Georgia and Azerbaijan. During this time Kathy gave birth to “their Virginia girl” Karoline and Chris earned a Master of Science in Bioscience Management from George Mason University.

Chris went on to be the Program Manager of the United States Navy Bureau of Medicine’s (BUMED) Advanced Medical R&D Program where he assisted the Navy with implementation of a portfolio which included prophylaxis, therapeutics, devices and psychiatry projects. He then became a management consultant and business developer, helping win work, create jobs and improve customer service, which he still does to this day.

At approximately 5 p.m. on January 12, 2010 Haiti suffered a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed much of Port Au Prince and created a national disaster that caught the attention of the entire world. The CEO of the company Chris worked for at the time declared they would directly involve themselves in the reconstruction of the nation and shortly after the 12th of January, because of his military experience with Haiti and expertise in Consequence Management, Chris was dispatched to Haiti to find how his company could help. Launching from Ft. Lauderdale in a private jet, because no commercial service had returned to the island yet, Chris landed at the Port Au Prince airport while still under the control of brother special operators, United States Air Force Combat Controllers.

Chris went on to make many contacts in Haiti and was awarded work to assist the United States with its reconstruction efforts and to study post reconstruction energy needs, specifically, a review of alternative fuels. During  the lead up to the recent Presidential elections there, a close friend and a member of the Haitian Diaspora contacted Chris and told him that he was  working for Candidate Michel Martelly and they were seeking his advice on their campaign. After being cleared corporately, legally and following the strict protocols of the U.S. Government, Chris was cleared to meet with and provide political advice, as needed, to the candidate. Michel Martelly went on to be victorious and is now the President of Haiti.
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Chris and Kathy have been members of Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church since 1998 and became active locally through the school system as they got to know teachers and other parents. After moving from an apartment in Woodbridge to their new house in Rippon Landing, Chris and Kathy began to get deeply involved in local politics after the 2000 Presidential election. Knocking doors, making calls and volunteering at events for candidates Chris and Kathy got to know their community even better and fell deeper in love with Woodbridge, its people and blessed location on the Potomac. Picking up on Chris’ long life of service, local leaders asked him to serve once again. As a result Chris has been the At Large Representative on the Prince William County 2008 Economic Development Task Force and Conventions and Visitors Bureau and he currently serves as the At Large Representative on the School Board’s Safe Schools Advisory Council and George Mason University’s Biosafety Committee.

Now in their second house in Woodbridge, Chris and Kathy have fully sunk their roots in and will be lifelong Woodbridge Residents. Aside from his current campaign to become the next Supervisor of Woodbridge, Chris is also in the midst of launching a campaign to bring one of the extra pieces of World Trade Center steel, brought to Prince William County for a future 9-11 memorial, to be placed at Freedom High School as an interactive teaching peace to help students make choices about potential, future careers in public service whether it be the military, government, peace studies or politics.

If you know Chris, then you know he always looks to turn bad things into good and there is no problem that is not solvable.

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